American Theatre article by Marshal W. Mason

The April 2007 issue of American Theatre has an article titled, On the Capriciousness of Critics, written by five-time Tony nominee, Marshal W. Mason.
I enjoyed the article. Mr. Mason has a great sense of humor. His ideas about theater criticism have been written about by others (David Mamet talks about critics in many of his essays).
Has anyone out there read the article?
What do you think?


Has Anyone Seen "Sherrybaby" ?

Just saw "Sherrybaby" and I'm very impressed with the cast and the director's vision. I've seen films like this before ("Valerie Flake", "Spitfire Grill", etc) but when it's doen well, i don't mind seeing another take on the story of redemption. But it's more than just redemption. It's also a story about genuinely wanting something from life and having to deal with not getting it the way you want it and when you think you need it. But enough about me...what do you think?


"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle

Actress Gillian Anderson recommended this book on her official website.
I've read it and thought it was phenomenal.
It's labeled as "self-help" but, in my opinion, is different than the regular fare.
Has anyone read it?
If so, what did you think?
Let's talk.


David Mamet Essays *!@#$%&!!

I'm a fan of Mamet's plays but have recently become hooked on his essays as well.
Has anyone out there read them?
Which ones?
I've read "True and False", Writing in Restaurants" and "Bambi vs. Godzilla".
Let's discuss ...

Much Thanks !!!

Mucho Gracias!...to my friend Camille for her help in the creation of my Blog!
Huzzah ! Hip=Hip-Horray ! Check out her blog !

Also In Search of ...

I want a CD copy of "The Time of The Zombies".
It's a collection of the 60's British rock group, The Zombies' greatest hits.
(will pay for time, effort and shipping) !

In Search of ...

Does anyone out there have a recording of Fran McKendree's album,
McKendree Springs ????
(I'm not certain of the accuracy of the title but singles include...)
"Feeling Bad Ain't Good Enough" and "Fading Lady"
I would love to have this on CD.
I've met Fran once and later talked to him on the phone about
a copy but he was busy w/ other things like...duh...his career.
Help me if you can.
- Edgar

Happenings !!!

Here are some of things I'll be up to
in the near future:

*Reading of Bill Martin and Steven Kellogg's book, "A Beasty Story"
as well as Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" at
the Crafts Community Care Center/Craftsbury (CCCC) Vermont, Apr. 10, 11

*Reading of the above titled books and Oscar Wilde's "A Selfish Giant",
Chris Van Allsburg's "Jumanji"
Come one, come all! Apr. 21@ the C.C.C.C.